All Games A-Z

Basketball Stars (Face off in online basketball matches as your favorite player!)

Canvas Pinball (Pinball on a Notepad.)

Cave Story (A Metroidvania-style indie game with an engrossing story!)

Chrome Dinosaur Game (The owner of this device turned off the dinosaur game, but we turned it back on!)

Cookie Clicker [Go here to hack it!] (Spam-click your mouse to collect cookies!) (A popular .io game where you shoot other tanks and level up!)

Duck Hunt (Shoot ducks from the sky! If you don't get any, you will be bullied by a laughing dog. What's not to love?)

Emulatrix (Like Netflix but for retro games!)

Emulatrix requires a Game file, get one here

Fireboy & Watergirl in the Forest Temple (Play with 1 or 2 players and explore the forest temple!)

Enhanced Game Boy Advance (Collection) (Same as below but runs most games better however is missing a few that below has)

MK Game Boy Advance (Collection) (Retro GBA games online such as Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire!)

Google Minesweeper (The classic game with some updated visuals!)

Google PAC-MAN (The classic arcade game but with the Google logo as the maze!)

Google Snake (Snake but with some updated visuals.)

HTML5 Tetris (A classic puzzle game! Click "Edit" and make your own Tetris pieces!)

HTML5 Snake (Snake, one of the most famous classic games!)

Infinite Mario Bros. (An infinite Mario game with randomly generated levels!)

LightsOut (Clear the board by switching on and off specific lights!)

Mari0 (Super Mario Bros. but with portal guns! Never gets old.)

MK (Permanently unblocked

Monopoly (A familiar board game now unblocked!)

Open Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog! Swap characters with Ctrl.) 2 (Make your paper larger by making enclosed areas!)

Paper Minecraft (Minecraft 2D!)

Robo Racer (A 3D Time Trials racer!)

Scratch (The easiest coding language to make your own games! Even if you're not into that, there's tons of premade games to explore.) (Slither your way through and eat the dots to get to first!)

Slope (Roll down endless paths! How long can you last??)

Sonic 1 (A clone of the first Sonic game's Green Hill Zone, with new abilities and widescreen!)

Space Buggy (A stunt racer, like 3D Hill Climb Racing!)

Super Mario 64 (The classic Mario game! Run, jump, and collect stars in 3D!)

Super Mario Typing Bros. (Mario but the controls change every few seconds! Can you survive?!?)

SWERVE (Like the famous mobile game Dancing Line!)

The Impossible Quiz (A quiz that tests your knowledge and skill!)

World's Hardest Game (It's truly the hardest game. Have fun trying!)

Zombs Royale (An online battle royale!)