Other Games

Minecraft Classic (The classic ver. of Minecraft!)

WebCraft (Minecraft Classic clone! Click 1 finger [Left click] to break blocks, click 2 fingers [Right click] to place blocks!)

Chrome Dinosaur Game (The owner of this device turned off the dinosaur game, but we turned it back on!)

Paper Minecraft (Minecraft 2D!)

CUBE SLAM (A 3D version of Pong!)

Little Alchemy [Takes a while to load] (Merge elements to make more elements! Very addictive. Some images are broken.)

Robo Racer (A 3D Time Trials racer!)

Guitar Flash 3 (A browser version of Guitar Hero! Despite the name, it doesn't use Flash Player.)

Tunnel Rush (Go through a tunnel and fit through the walls! How far can you go?)

Cookie Clicker (Spam-click your mouse to collect cookies!)

Initium RPG (A multiplayer online RPG!)

Cave Story (A Metroidvania-style indie game with an engrossing story!)

SWERVE (Like the famous mobile game Dancing Line!)

Slope (Roll down endless paths! How long can you last??)

Space Buggy (A stunt racer, like 3D Hill Climb Racing!)

Scratch (The easiest coding language to make your own games! Even if you're not into that, there's tons of premade games to explore.)

I Wanna Be Thy Copy (A clone of "I Wanna Be The Guy".)

Flappy Bird (Great Bird Simulator)